It came 3rd!! Say what now?

April 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

By ‘It’ I mean Me. Moi. Polly. Polly M.

picture of Polly coming 3rd


But how did this happen, Polly. I thought you thought you were 16th?

Picture the scene – I had (literally) just posted yesterday’s blog edition about my 16th place finish and then logged into the Keas Health Challenge like any other day….

Top of my Keas Health Challenge Homepage:

Picture of a tiny banner that filled me with nervous anticipation - telling me to 'click here' to see the winners...

a tiny banner that filled me with nervous anticipation...

Ooh. I say (yes, out loud).

I click….

I am stunned. You see, I was proudly wearing my ‘Polly finished 16th and is very chuffed’ T-shirt (not literally). But there it was in the lovely rainy/cold light of day:

picture showing that 'polly came 3rd' from the keas health challenge page

polly came 3rd?

I was in genuine disbelief (along with a little jumping up and down). Seriously, though, how could this be? After all, I had maintained a top twenty (ish) position throughout most of the challenge and was feeling very self-important health-wise already. Now I was staring at a top five place (and a sweet fifty bucks in prize-winnings).

I quickly picked myself up from the floor, composed myself, and started scribing an email to my ‘contact’ within I had to know how this could be…..

Turns out the Keas Health Challenge is designed so that you are only eligible to win one prize; so any of the team winners from the Top Five Teams could not also be included in the Top Ten Individual placements (they were calculated out of their real finishing place, if you will). I simultaneously felt bad for the real 3rd placed challenger; totally confused; and filled with wonder.

I imagine the wonderlings are questioning their genius at this internal algorithm/idea to let winners only win once. Personally, for completely selfish reasons, it is a brilliant plan. It is Genius. Another FIFTY bucks for Polly M. Many thanks.

As mentioned in my previous blog post; I was to fill my Dad in with all the deets during a Skype moment. Now, my Dad is a sweet, funny, caring human who dutifully taught his daughter that ‘honesty’ is a positive character attribute. That said, for some reason, he had to remind me that I had missed out on some points early on and ‘could my daughter have won?’ was on his mind (you probably don’t recall either, I had to go back and remind myself of the reason – the incident known as ‘the pedometer crisis’); he maintains that I should have taken the points anyway since I did the walking just not the pedometer-wearing part (but Dad, the intention of the To-Do was to WEAR a pedometer). Silly Daddy. I know you are rooting for me (which I appreciate) but say, do you have a different moral universe when the word ‘competition’ is involved? Hmm.

For the sake of the 1st placed Challenger I will add that they were a genuine point superstar; hundreds of points clear of the field. Dad, not even a pedometer wearing marathon would have helped. So, I’m still giddy; thank you very much Keas; you are still ‘super awesome‘ in so many ways (and no, not just because of the cashola).

Oh, and to the ‘real’ 3rd place Challenger out there (whoever you are); let’s do a virtual lunch sometime and (so long as the entire bill is under $50..) it’s on me!



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