Keas Health Challenge – The Last Seven

April 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s the final week of the Challenge!

The excitement in the virtual air is palpable….


Team Kea Power! News: alas, we are out of the running for a TOP FIVE cashola-winning finish. Our Team Leader did the maths* early last week; even a last minute concerted effort/dash for the virtual finish line wouldn’t help. All Kea Power! to us, though, we are still maintaining a top ten healthy place (currently 8 out of 234 teams, no less); I think we did a great job.

As for my personal total (and since I haven’t done the maths because I want to hope it ain’t so) there might still be a Top Ten and Fifty Buck Cashola Pot in my future. Time (a.k.a these last seven) will tell, I guess.

Have to be honest, readership, I am SO SAD that it is almost over. The Keas Health Challenge is simply fantastic and I am a lucky one to have played for a spell. It has been a lovely addition to my day. I have been thinking about the personal health effects of this endeavour and will definitely do a conclusion/summary post when the final totals have been calculated (sometime next week).

In terms of some recent KHC nuggets:

Well, last week, in Comment Stream Land** (the feature that gets us all type-chatting to each other in a social-network-esque fashion) there were are few noteworthy moments for Polly M. (read both lovely and a single rather embarrassing one). The lovely moments involved some connections I hope to continue in Beyond KHC Land and related to other Challenger’s positive messages of encouragement and health. Yay!

The embarrassing (a.k.a. a typo) moment involved my referencing another Challenger’s comment by mis-typing their name. Nope, it wasn’t just a typo where you add a letter here or forget a letter there; I literally used a completely different word and though not a word that falls in the ‘rude’ category it was still NOT THE CHALLENGER’S NAME. Poor Form, Polly. You just gotta get someone’s name right, right? For the record, I sincerely hope any amusement gleaned (both here and in KHC Land) was/is at Silly Polly’s expense. To the Keas Health Challenger I mis-referenced; again, my apologies.

Imaginary Reader: Don’t worry, Polly. At least it wasn’t the head honcho of the whole thing or anything (now that would have been embarrassing…)

Polly M: erm… well…

And the notes….

*maths – an intentional inclusion of the plural version; that is how us Brits say it. U.S. readers – it’s fine to giggle at this, since from your viewpoint it will likely sound silly WITH an ‘s.’ From my perspective, though, having been culturally exposed to the ‘s’ version my entire life; I am always left hanging for more.

** exactly how many different ‘Lands’ do you reside in, Polly? Will you ever stop adding ‘Land’ to the end of stuff? Erm… probably not (I know at least one person who thinks it is both cute and sassy. Yes, that would be me…).


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