Polly in Veggie Land…

February 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

…it’s a permanent residency situation; a ‘green’ card, if you will (oh gosh, Polly that was a terrible pun).


That’s right, it’s Week Four in my other place of residence – the Keas Health Challenge. (I know, where did updates on weeks Two and Three go? Let’s just say, I have been keeping busy with all manner of activities, some healthy (like keeping up with the Keas thing), some that earn me cashola (i.e. my job), and some that were a little too stressful (see the previous entry and know that I finished the puppy and the application is in).

Well. I am still loving this challenge scenario. Our Kea Power! team is ELEVENTH (as of this morning); and I am THIRTIETH (out of 207 of us). For the last few weeks, I have been strategic in my “To-Do” selection (‘strategic’ meaning that I picked three tasks that had the most points and that I knew I could accomplish). This morning, on my Kea Power! only comment stream; I posted the question: “Is it boring (or cheating) to pick the same to-dos as last week? I picked them because: 1) I will do them; 2) they have the most points (and I love points); and 3) it’s still a healthy approach to life, no?” I am curious for other thoughts.

I do feel a bit bad to pick the same things again since part of the idea is to mix things up and try new stuff. However, the big points are for those folks who either set up camp in veggie-land; who run – a lot; or who walk – a lot. There are points available for stress-relieving podcasts but only FORTY and I have a FORTY-FIVE point minimum for the sake of my team and my own chance to come away with TWO HUNDRED of these Earth Dollars. Sadly, because there are no dancey points available and because I am at a point in my life where the prospect of running does not fill me with joy (never say never); I choose to stay in the Land of Veg. For the record, I did write to them to suggest dancey-point-options and am ever hopeful they will show up one week (ideally with FIFTY available points. Yes, please, any Keas folks reading this; dance and fifty, dance and fifty….). Alright, Polly. We get the picture.

Of the many fascinating elements of this Challenge thing; it is really inspiring to learn of what other people do to stay (or get) healthy. In my opinion, being healthy (or getting healthier) is something that one has to consciously do because it involves eating food (and we choose the foods we eat and the quantity); it involves physical activity (and we have to choose how we accomplish this); and it involves consciously knowing that one is always able to choose a healthy path at any point in our lives (even if I it has been a couple of months/years/decades since we tried). Seeing how other people succeed, struggle, manage, etc.. is inspiring. After all, I struggle, succeed, manage, etc. too.

Thus, at least for this Week Four: Polly’s “To-Do” selections ensure she maintains her status as a permanent resident of Veggie Land.



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