Food Diary/Journal – 1; Polly – 2….

November 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

…yes, the results are in now in my week-long food diary/journal-ing extravaganza. The first to score in my metaphorical game of health discovery was the diary/journal. The whole process has shown me some valuable insights into my daily nourishment goings-on; insights that foolish Polly assumed would not come.

As you might recall from the beginning of the week: heretofore, I had never undertaken a food diary/journal; assuming that I had everything understood when it came to my food choice impulses and that I had nothing left to learn. But how I was wrong. So so wrong.

So what happened? What did you learn, eh?

  1. I enjoy planning my daily nourishments and it helps me in numerous ways. In addition to helping me manage my blood-sugar; physically chronicling the daily plan online (versus a silent mental note) has had an added benefit; I have stuck to the initial plan exactly. Seems silly that such a simple thing would actually work (stubborn Polly didn’t think it would) but I have had 100% success this week in that regard; if I am honest, the mental note route, has not had the same effect in a long time.
  2. Having a chronicled plan has helped me be significantly more conscious of eating when hungry and stopping when not. As a direct result of this experiment; in the past seven days I have not overeaten or over-snacked at any point during the day.
  3. I have been more attuned to meal portion size; I will eat the first bowl of steamed veggies with beans and rather than blindly heading into the second bowl (as is my norm); I waited to see if it was really necessary. Though it often was, through the meal diary/journal I was certainly more conscious in my approach to portion size.
  4. I did not succumb even once to an unplanned snack attack. Part way through the week I began entering my Mood on the associated Keas Mood Journal. The combination of noting how I was feeling alongside the daily food plan helped me to notice how much better I felt when I had stuck to my original plan. Frankly, it seemed to amplify the sense of personal success; I had written it down and could see it in full Technicolor.


online foodscoop

Stubborn Polly with her assumption that she knew all of the answers already; well, in a way I did know them already (the scientific research was on the side of the food diary/journal and the results were overwhelming) but only now, a week later, do I see the tangible results from my own experience. I can say, knowingly, that this is indeed a pretty handy enterprise for becoming acquainted with the whys and wherefores of our food decisions.

So how’d ya do it, Polly?

Using the online meal journal, each morning I noted my meal plan for the day. I also made a pact with myself to text message any unplanned additions to my plan directly to my meal journal (a useful Keas option, me thinks). Without doubt, having to take the time to: a) go find my phone; and b) admit to an extra portion of something or other; put a 100% stop on that activity. It was a forced moment of self-reflection that helped ensure no unplanned snacking.

All in all, it has been eye-opening. I hadn’t realized how much those unplanned returns to the kitchen were bothering me because I knew I wasn’t listening to myself. It really felt great at night as I brushed me teeth with no over-stuffed feeling; it felt great the next day when I reflected on my personal success.

At the end of the week; the reason Polly is ahead in the scoreline is not because I beat my metaphorical opponent. No. It’s because in this game of health discovery, any daily success is a score for Polly; I am the ultimate benefactor of this new consciousness about my food choices. I’m not un-realistic, I am sure to have future unconscious moments of food eatery but I have learned and noted some fascinating elements this week.


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